• Partition walls installation (Plasterboard, plastic or glass)

  • Ceiling modules installation

  • Sand-cement screed flooring

  • Drywall or plastic false ceiling installation


  • Installation of electronic switches and sockets

  • Electrical box installation in concrete wall

  • Drilling through holes in the bearing wall

  • Electrical panel installation and more.


  • Facing with tile, porcelain, granite or marble, natural and faux stone lining

  • Panel wall and architectural elements facing

  • Laying tiles, porcelain, granite, marble, natural and faux stones.


  • Plumbing parts replacement

  • Water mains and sewerage

  • Water supply pipe installation

  • Water supply and heating pipe installation


  • Plastering, alignment and puttying walls and ceilings.

  • Painting: walls, ceilings and goods

  • Ceiling and wall priming


  • Walls and ceiling decoration

  • 3D wall panels, 3D floor fillers

  • Conditioning and Landscaping

  • Cladding and design of swimming pools, bathrooms and showers with various materials

  •  Project measurements

  • Design development

  • 3D-modelling

  • Furniture Design

  • Material Selection

  • Space Planning


  • Stretch ceilings

  • Acoustic celings

  • Starry sky effect 

  • Printed ceilings

  • Suspended plasterboard ceilings 



Skyline is an Interior Design & Fit-Out Company based in Dubai. Our company provides a comprehensive range of turnkey interior design solutions for throughout the UAE. We do all reconstruction and renovation works at diffrerent projects. From the ceiling and the walls to the flooring and the furniture, we can provide innovative turnkey solutions that are tailored to client specifications. With a diverse and talented team of designers and project managers, we have developed a reputation for intelligent design solutions which are constructed to the highest quality.

Key points

highly trained, educated, and honest specialists

over 5 years of mutual experience

flexible and good discounts to returning customers

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